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MAR 2016

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"One of the things that we always try to convey to people is that you don't have to have a lot of artistic ex- perience to come in and have a good time and be able to paint something," said Stanley J. Finch, president and co-founder of New York City–based Muse Paintbar. Many customers have not picked up a paintbrush since grade school, but this is no problem, he says. "We have really strong artists that help walk people through step- by-step to create something they feel good about." Ne NeedN't be the SeCONd coming of Van Gogh or Picasso — indeed, nary a whit of artistic tal- ent or skill is required at all — to have a good time at Muse Paintbar. In fact, here is proof that sociocultural experience within a restau- rant-bar setting need not be restricted to hearing live music, danc- ing or tossing darts. this chain of 14 restaurants (plus one that is soon to open in Port Jefferson, N.Y.) combines on-site painting instruction with dining to offer guests an evening that could cer- tainly be described as different. the first Muse Paintbar opened in 2012, and today the concept operates throughout the New York metro area and New england. Management is expecting to see the number of units double this year, to roughly 30 in total by year-end, plus a further 25 or so that are to open next year. the company kicked off this year with eight new leases, most of which are scheduled to open some- time in the second quarter. One of the primary expansion targets for this year is the Washington, d.C., area, where units are in the planning stages for Gaithersburg, Md., and Fairfax and Richmond, Va. the chain favors street retail spaces and lifestyle centers. Muse Paintbar pays close attention to location and to the interiors of its sites, according to Zack Gross, director of retail expansion at the hewlett, O Creative leasing Muse Paintbar lets you eat, drink and Paint the town any color you like By Beth Mattson-Teig r e t a i l i n g t O d a y 22 S C t / M a r c h 2 0 1 6

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