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JAN 2016

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Inspiration for the concept came as several trends were converging. People seem to care about where their products come from, Bedrock executives began observing, even as consumers revealed a growing preference for products made in the U.S., all of this combined with a demonstrated desire to shop locally, according to COO Heath Carr. "The brand appeals to many people for many different reasons," he said. Shinola set up its headquarters and manufacturing base in Detroit, and then HOSe wHO STeP InSIDe any of the 13 Shinola stores across the U.S. and in London will discover quite an eclectic mix of merchandise: luxury watches and leather bags are right there next to bicycles and paper journals. Such a mix may seem to have been thrown together on a whim, but it all makes per- fect sense to the executives at Bedrock Manufacturing Co., the Plano, Texas–based private equity firm that conceived Shinola in 2011. among the drivers behind this upscale retailer was a desire to manufacture high-quality prod- ucts in the U.S. and create jobs. worked with Swiss watchmaker Ronda aG to begin making its core product: lux- ury watches that go for between $475 and $1,500 each. Production was up and run- ning by 2012, and sales were humming by the summer of the following year, through wholesale and online channels and at the first two stores, which opened in Detroit and new york City. Growth continues across all three channels, and the merchandise lines have expanded, though watches remain at the core and account for most of the sales. Shinola is researching potential partnerships with the aim of introducing eyewear and jewelry to the lines. Bicycles may certainly seem a most unlikely choice for an accessories retailer, Carr concedes. "It's not a situation that we think we are going to be the next Trek, or anything like that," he said. "It was creative, and T Bags to bicycles Shinola offerS an intriguing aSSortment of u.S.-made goodS By Beth Mattson-Teig r e T a i l i n g T o d a y 16 S C T / J a n u a r y 2 0 1 6 S h i n o l a ' S n e w C i T Y S T o r e . n o T w o a r e T o

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