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DEC 2015

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94 S C T / D e c e m b e r 2 0 1 5 he waste-recycling program at the sprawling mall of america has become a worldwide model. it also has become something of the stuff of pigpens. workers toss the food waste from roughly 50 restaurants, three theme parks and multiple nightclubs at the 4.8 million-square-foot, Bloomington, minn., shopping center, into 33-gallon containers, which then go to a central loading dock. there, local farmers haul them off for use as pig slop for some fairly privileged swine that dine high on the hog: the 150 tons of mall food that fattens the animals includes steak and lobster scraps. T a lot oF rUBBish LanDLorDs anD tenants worLDwiDe are striving to meet higher stanDarDs in the responsibLe hanDLing anD DisposaL of shopping center waste By Steve McLinden For other recyclables, mall of america tenants take advantage of a system of chutes and carts to move materials to nearly 30 storerooms, where waste-manage- ment staffers sort them. hundreds of tons of used corrugated containers are sold

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