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DEC 2015

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osh Resnick and Rosie o'neill are like two kids in a candy store. actually, they are two adults in a growing chain of luxury candy boutiques. Resnick and o'neill co- founded englewood, calif.–based sugarfina as an online candy seller in 2012 and opened their first store in november, 2013, in Beverly hills, calif. — just in time for the holidays. as for the present holidays, sugarfina now operates seven stores, plus five more that were just about ready to go at press time. in addition, the company boasts a strong online platform and a healthy wholesale business with such luxury department stores as Bergdorf Goodman, neiman Mar- cus, nordstrom and saks. from all around the world and we pack- age them really beautifully," o'neill said. The idea was born as Resnick and o'neill began dating in 2010. on their third date they went to the movies to see the original Willie Wonka & the Choco- late Factory, explains Jessie hauspurg, sugarfina's director of marketing. dur- ing their engagement the couple would stop at candy shops as they traveled the country and around the world. "That opened their eyes to the realization that there isn't a real luxury gifting candy store for adults," hauspurg said. To be sure, sugarfina is a child-friendly store, but many of the products are decidedly geared toward adult tastes: dom Pérignon cham- pagne gummy bears, single-malt-scotch-fla- vored chocolate cordials, Guinness-beer- flavored marshmallows and the like. "i was always kind of disappointed J sweet spot Sugarfina'S candy Store for adultS: guinneSS marShmallowS anyone? By Beth Mattson-Teig r e t a i l i n g t o d a y 34 S C t / d e c e m b e r 2 0 1 5 "The goal at sugarfina was to cre- ate a high-end candy experience unlike anything that had existed before," said o'neill, the company's chief creative of- ficer. sugarfina is no "pick and mix" or bulk candy store. everything is pre-pack- aged, which reflects the company's focus on gifting. "We source gorgeous candies

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