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DEC 2015

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side job at a professor's technology consulting firm. He even co-founded h i s o w n c o n s u l t a n t f i r m , c a l l e d, in 1999 in Baltimore, and he was chief technology officer there un- til 2013, when he left to launch Prop- erty Capsule. Some elements of the Property Capsule platform originated in those consulting days, accord- ing to Daniel Taub, COO of Tarry- town, N.Y.–based DLC Management Corp., which manages nearly 20 mil- lion square feet of shopping center space. In 2009 Markson helped the firm digitize the flyers and other mar- keting materials its brokers normally took to ICSC's RECon event in Las Vegas, compiling that information on laptop computers instead and making it accessible on large touch-screen dis- plays at the company's booth. "It was fabulous," Taub said. "It reduced the man-hours beforehand and saved us tons of money in shipping." Today Property Capsule provides companies with similar advantages over using printed materials, but with important improvements, Taub says. The new platform offers an intuitive interface and can tie stored docu- ments to other data sources to keep marketing information continually up to date. Markson devotes much of his time to learning how each client does busi- ness, looking for impediments that might be addressed with technology and then identifying solutions. Part of his value to clients is his ability to grasp real estate challenges, clients say. "He can do a very deep dive into the technology side, but he has evolved and learned how to talk to everyday real estate people," Taub said. "He has a very good balance of being able to speak to a nontechnology end user and decipher that." Markson has been known to spend an entire day shadowing key em- ployees at client companies, asking questions and learning how they tackle challenges. Such visits provide insight into tasks that could be performed bet- ter or faster with new technology. In the same vein, Property Capsule's en- gineers maintain regular contact with clients to track which features of their software are being used, which ones need improvement, and what new problems the company might address. "We don't want to force people to change their work flow to adapt to tech- nology," Markson said. "Our job is to build technology to adapt to their work flow, remove steps that are unnecessary and increase speed and efficiency." Katz calls Markson a trendsetter for the industry. "Alex, with his personal- ity, has managed to break down some barriers where there has been a lot of resistance to change," he said. "He de- serves kudos for that." SCT D e c e m b e r 2 0 1 5 / S C T 139 Access Over 900 Center Benchmark Reports! 2015 Center Benchmarks survey results NOW AVAILABLE The survey, developed by ICSC and Trepp, includes annual income and expense benchmarking data from over 8,000 shopping centers, which represents the most comprehensive survey of its kind. Users can leverage Center Benchmarks survey data to: • Develop and optimize 2016 budgets and operating strategies • Benchmark and report on asset performance • Identify historical trends and performance benchmarks for new markets • Underwrite new acquisition opportunities • Improve operational effciency Members of ICSC have free access to over 35 National and Regional Benchmark Reports and can purchase at a discounted rate state, MSA and submarket data by shopping center type. Visit

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