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DEC 2015

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Markson, a San Diego native, looks every bit the California software entrepreneur, with his long, sandy brown hair cascading past a chin that is frequently, though not always, bearded. None lex MarkSoN definitely has his head in the cloud these days. Markson is the Ceo of Property Capsule, the San Diego, Calif.–based devel- oper of a popular new software platform that enables commer- cial real estate brokers to move reams of market and property information to a cloud server for access- ing from mobile devices. "He just loves hearing how he can help and how things can be made better, stronger, faster," said Gregg katz, director of innovation and technology at The Shopping Center Group. This atlanta-based retail real es- tate services provider has been a client of Property Capsule for about two years, and Markson regularly asks the firm for feed- back on the platform. "He's like a sponge, an open book when it comes to asking, 'What can we do to meet more needs?'" katz said. "It's a pretty cool dynamic." of this is an act, either: He is a genuine computer whiz who collaborated online with european programmers to pub- lish a popular computer game when he was only 13 years old. at 18 he entered a study program at George Washington University and soon went to work there, reconfiguring the school's computer net- work and even teaching classes. "The stock that I came from was that com- puter-hacker era," Markson said. "Hack- ing isn't about breaking into things, it's about hacking away at the keyboard and solving problems." as a keen problem-solver himself, Markson feels a kinship to the real es- tate brokers who navigate the intricate A He can hack it Alex MArkson's technology is trAnsforMing the brokerAge business By Matt Hudgins n e w s m A k e r s 136 s C T / D e c e M b e r 2 0 1 5

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