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DEC 2015

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106 S C T / D e c e m b e r 2 0 1 5 he lending efforts by regional and community banks in regard to commercial real estate have, since the end of the recession, been strongly directed toward multifamily. at the end of last year, almost 50 percent of loans to the multifamily sector came from regional and local banks, according to indus- try data, versus 17 percent for the retail side. that is changing. "multifamily is such a competitive place that lenders had to ven- ture out if they wanted to do loans; that's one side of it," said shahin yazdi, a principal at los angeles–based george smith Partners. "the other side is [that] the retail market as a whole T the banK neXt door local INSTITUTIoNS are a loT keeNer aboUT fINaNcINg reTaIl laTely By Steve Bergsman

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