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APR 2015

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56 S C T / A p r i l 2 0 1 5 ore and more of Latin americaís deveLopers are building projects outside their home countries. at year-end Guatemalan mall developer spectrum will unveil its first investment outside central america: fontanar, a 56,000-square-meter (nearly 603,000 square feet) mall the firm is building jointly in colombiaís chía city with colom- bian developer amarilo. el salvador–based Grupo roble, too, is busy in colombia, where next year it will open the $270 million centro co- mercial multiplaza La felicidad, in Bogotá. Grupo sambil, venezuelaís leading mall operator, has three retail real estate projects in the carib- bean, and one opening later this year in spain: sambil outlet madrid. "With the common language and similar cultural heritage, it makes sense for Latin american mall developers to look for opportunities across the region," said M crossinG frontiers lATiN AMEriCA'S DEVElOpErS ArE GETTiNG BUSY OUTSiDE THEir HOME COUNTriES By María Bird Picó G r u P o r o B l e ' s M u l t i P l a z a i n H o n d u r a s

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