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JUL 2014

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celery, kale, spinach, parsley and wa- tercress, costs $8.99. The Dtox Box, a cleanse program in which customers drink six juices and two elixirs daily for three to five days, costs between $60 and $70 per day. Nonetheless, Dtox's core cus- tomers are not necessarily wealthy, Forst says. "Our customers are people who care about their health," she said. "Maybe some of them have problems with glu- ten or dairy, but everyone is seeking us because of the purity of our product." But that also means Dtox Juice must meet the high bar set by its discerning clientele. Maintaining supplies of 100 percent organic fruits and vegetables, lo- cally sourced whenever possible, is the company's biggest operational challenge, Welanetz says. "We are working hard to increase production so that we are always fully stocked, but we sell our juice almost as fast as we can press it," she said. Employees and shop managers also must be educated on the benefits of juicing and the ways in which various micronutri- ent-rich fruits and vegetables can help peo- ple with specific health conditions, Sliger says. A former models' agent based in New York City, she first became acquainted with juicing while helping models for Vic- toria's Secret and Sports Illustrated stay trim for photo shoots. She moved to Atlanta in 2005 to become a yoga instructor, but struggled with migraines and allergies and later faced a skin-cancer diagnosis. When her father died in a detox facility for pre- scription pills, Sliger became laser-focused on healing herself with food and learning more about the relationship between food and health. She launched Dtox as a sort of personal mission, she says. "It was a way to be proactive about my health and educate people about food," Sliger said. Sliger's approach to cleanses varies from the norm and has been shaped by her own study of nutrition. "Typically, most people think of a three-day cleanse in which juice replaces all of your meals and snacks," she said. "We shift that to- ward clean eating. We sell two salads, a nori wrap and a green soup as part of our cleanses. It feels doable, and you are more satiated and enjoy it more. You make some real lifestyle changes that way." Ultimately, Dtox's goal is to help more people experience the boost in energy and vitality that can come from replacing crutches such as sugar and caffeine with nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables, says Welanetz. "We want to get people off of that toxic caffeine train," she said, "and help them do something really healthy and good for their bodies." S C T For leasing, contact Karen Spencer Welanetz, CEO, at r e T a i l i n g T o d a y DEVELOPER FUNDING/TAKE-OUT Developer Funding/Take-Out Program: National Retail Properties (NYSE: NNN) is looking to fund/take-out deals with the following criteria: - single-tenant net-leased retail properties nationwide - 100% loan-to-cost fnancing with take-out upon completion - national or regional tenants in place - single project or multi-deal funding - $1 Million to $100 Million deal size CONTACTS: David Reif Senior Vice President of Leasing & Construction (407) 650-1156 Brian Cooper Leasing Manager (407) 650-1206 (800) NNN-REIT Visit our web site at J u l y 2 0 1 4 / S C T 27 26-27_SCT_JUL14_DTox.indd 27 6/12/14 5:51 PM

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