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DEC 2018

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T H E L A S T S T O P R E TA I L T R E N D S AT A G L A N C E 98 S C T D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 8 Adults who say they spend more on groceries now than they did some years ago 74% PRICE QUALITY CONVENIENCE 59% 50% 42% Top factors affecting grocery shopping for U.S. adults 92% 86% Percent of U.S. adults who shop at traditional supermarkets Percentage of U.S. adults who shop at discount department stores 2% of U.S. adults regularly shop online for groceries only T he vast majority of grocery consumers (92 percent) buy most of their groceries in physical stores, and most say they plan to keep doing that, according to an ICSC consumer survey. •ree-••hs of shoppers surveyed said they have never bought groceries online, but of those who do, only 2 percent said that they do so routinely. Consumers surveyed also said they shop at more than one store for their groceries: On average, they said they visit 5.4 diƒerent formats to make all their grocery purchases. Q PHYSICAL GROCERY STORES ARE IN DEMAND

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