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DEC 2018

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10 S C T / D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 8 T H E C O M M O N A R E A N E W S F R O M A LL C O R N E R S O F T H E I N D U S T R Y U .S. states are quickly lining up behind this year's Supreme Court decision granting them authority to impose sales tax on the retail transactions of out-of-state mer- chants. e court issued its ground- breaking South Dakota v. Wayfair ruling on June 21, overturning a stan- dard that had limited the collection of sales taxes related to online and cata- log orders, putting brick-and-mortar retailers at a distinct disadvantage. irty-four states will have enacted corresponding laws by the turn of the coming year; an additional 10 states will look at setting up appropriate legislation or policies later in 2019, including the four most populous: California, Florida, New York and Texas. "A large majority of states are recognizing that they have some work to do on this and are taking this more seriously than we had ever envisioned they would at this point," said Herb Tyson, ICSC's vice president of state and local government relations. States see this change — which States have quickly signed up to collect online sales taxes By Steve McLinden State fair NEW EATERIES TRANSFORM WESTFIELD SANTA ANITA 14 SOLAR PANELS POWER UP A CALIFORNIA MALL 26 EUROPE GRAPPLES WITH E-TAIL, RETAIL TAX FAIRNESS 20 MACY'S ADDS VR TECH TO ITS FURNITURE STORES 30 SEE WHO PAID HOW MUCH FOR RETAIL REAL ESTATE 12 THE 10 MARKETS WITH THE MOST SEARS STORES 22 BROOKFIELD PLANS TO TURN MALLS INTO 'MINI CITIES' 18 GEN-Z SHOPPERS SAY STORES ARE COOLER THAN E-TAIL 28

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