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DEC 2018

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S T O R E F R O N T S W H AT T H E T E N A N T S A R E U P TO A major online furnisher at the center of the Supreme Court case compelling states to levy sales tax on e-commerce purchases (see page 10) has opted to jump into the bricks-and-mortar fray itself. Boston-based Wayfair, Inc., the largest U.S. online furnishings retailer (nearly $6 billion in annual revenues), has opened two holiday pop-ups, one in nearby Natick, Mass., at the Brook‚eld Properties Retail Group–owned Natick Mall; and the other at West‚eld Garden State Plaza, in Paramus, N.J. Wayfair's chief product and market- LQJRIÀFHU(G0DFULFDOOVWKHVKRSV another way of deepening customer HQJDJHPHQW)RUWKHÀUVWWLPHHYHU ´VKRSSHUVZLOOEHDEOHWRVWHSLQWRWKH ZRUOGRI:D\IDLUµ0DFULVDLG´:H·UH excited to connect with shoppers face-to-face and introduce them to the HQGOHVVSRVVLELOLWLHVLQVKRSSLQJIRU WKHKRPHµ7KHURXJKO\VTXDUH IRRWVKRSVZLOOFORVH-DQ 1H[WXSZLOOEH:D\IDLU·VYHU\ÀUVW \HDUURXQGVWRUHDVTXDUH IRRWRXWOHWVODWHGWRRSHQHDUO\WKLV FRPLQJ\HDULQ)ORUHQFH.\QHDU WKH&LQFLQQDWLPHWURDUHD7KLVRXWOHW PINEDA COVALÍN'S MERCHANDISE TOUTS MEXICO'S CULTURAL HERITAGE 35 CHINA'S HEMA SUPERMARKETS HAVE FIGURED OUT HOME DELIVERY 38 MACY'S IS TO SPEND $200 MILLION UPGRADING 50 STORES 42 TRACTOR SUPPLY STORE IS SEEDING STORES AND GROWING PROFITS 34 WOOPS! MACAROON KIOSKS ARE POPPING UP ACROSS THE U.S., WITH 60 OPEN SO FAR 36 Finding a way Wayfair explores physical retail with two pop-up shops By Steve McLinden

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