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DEC 2018

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28 S C T / D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 8 G en-Z shoppers overwhelmingly prefer shopping in physical stores to buying online, accord- ing to a recently released ICSC study that surveyed 13-to-19-year-olds. When buying health and person- al-care products, 84 percent of Gen Z-ers most often use physical stores, and 77 percent do so for apparel and footwear, says the study, titled-Gen-Z Shopping Behaviors Support Retail Real Estate. For electronics purchases, 63 percent most frequently use brick-and- mortar stores.-These numbers increase significantly when those who usually purchase online from retailers that also operate physical stores are added in.-Overall, 93 percent of Gen-Z shop- pers use retailers with a physical-store presence for their apparel and foot- wear purchases; 83 percent do so for electronics purchases; and 95 percent buy health and personal-care products from such retailers. This is also a generation that likes shopping centers, the survey found. On average, Gen-Z shoppers visited a mall 8.6 times during the three months preceding the survey,-and, overall, 95 percent of this age group went to a mall during the period. Fifty-eight percent say they go to physical establishments because it is a fun-social activity to share with friends and/or family; the same pro- portion cites the ability to see, touch and/or try on merchandise, despite being "digital natives."-Fifty-three per- cent say it is the ability to get the item immediately that entices them to go. So what would make Gen Z-ers go to malls more often? More lei- sure-and-entertainment options, according to 59 percent of these respondents. Specifically, 37 percent want more such venues as trampo- line parks and-indoor skydiving and laser-tag facilities; 35 percent desire more movie theaters; and 28 percent express a preference for bowling lanes, billiard halls and video arcades. Forty-three percent say additional food-and-beverage offerings would make them hit the mall-more often, and 32 percent say they would be influenced by more-unique retail concepts and/or a better selection of retailers. In yet another nod to physical retail, 71 percent of these consumers say they-expect to be visiting-shop- ping malls-five years from now. No fewer than 76 percent agree that "physical stores provide a more well-rounded and enjoyable shopping experience than online shopping." While all this suggests strongly that this is a generation to be taken seri- ously, landlords and retailers are wise to spare a thought for the older folk too: The survey found that 55 percent of Gen-Z shoppers have their parents or guardians pay for their purchases most of the time. Forty percent use their own money. The survey of just over 1,000 of these young-respondents-was con- ducted May 15–22. Q Gen-Z shoppers find physical stores way cooler than e-tail, ICSC study finds By Edmund Mander Shopping scene T H E C O M M O N A R E A C O N S U M E R T R E N D S

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