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OCT 2018

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able to support multiple stores,"said Wilke. So farthe company has15 such co-branded stores. Typically, HobbyTown sets its sights on markets withpopulation upwards of100,000 within a 20-mile radius. The company also has plans for multiple stores in such metros as Dallas and Chicago. Amongthe locations where HobbyTown has opened this year are Modesto, Calif.; North Myrtle Beach, S.C.; and Toms River, N.J. Though the company does have some mall stores and stand-alone stores, itprefersneigh- borhood and community centers. As for the franchisees, they often choose locations near other hobby retailers, such as Michaels or Hobby Lobby, says Wilke, who explains:"It's kind of nice to draft off of each other." Q HobbyTown store. "In markets where there is a well-established independent store with a good reputation that fits our core values, we would certainly prefer to work with them rather than introduce more competition into some of those markets that may not be HobbyTown prefers neighborhood and community centers %HWK$]RU ZZZEHWKD]RUFRP 7HO EHWK#D]RUDGYLVRU\VHUYLFHVFRP HOW MUCH IS YOUR VACANCY COSTING YOU? +RZPXFKDUH\RXLQYHVWLQJLQWKHSHRSOHZKRDUH UHVSRQVLEOHIRUILOOLQJWKRVHYDFDQFLHV" ³7KDQNVVRPXFKIRUJLYLQJXVWKHµVFRRS¶WRGD\RQ FRPPRQVHQVHOHDVLQJFDQYDVLQJDQGKRZWRZRUN VPDUWHU,EHOLHYHJHWWLQJ\RXWRRXURIILFHLVVRPHRI WKHEHVWPRQH\ZHKDYHHYHUVSHQWDVIDUDVJHWWLQJ RXUOHDVLQJWHDPWRWKLQNRXWVLGHWKHER[

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