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AUG 2018

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A U G U S T 2 0 1 8 / S C T 19 said Stevens. "What's the right balance of this disruptive technology, and where is the tipping point between introducing technology that is cool but also really provides efficiencies and savings?" It is virtually certain that some retailers will be eager adopters of these systems, while others will take a wait- and-see approach, observers say. In either case the customer is, as always, the key element. "I think a lot of this is not how fast the technology will move, but how fast the customer is willing and able to move," argued Ken Nisch, chairman of Southfield, Mich.–based JGA, which designs stores and shop- ping centers. Indeed, even among customers willing to embrace store automation, there are those who have credit problems or who lack the smart- phone technology, he asserts. The focus over the next year or two will be on experimentation to find out what works, according to Stevens. Retailers and tech providers will con- tinue testing walk-out technology, and they will also be looking increasingly at identity-authentication systems, such as those that use fingerprint- recognition or age-verification tech- nology, she says. "Most of the retailers that we are talking to believe that there is a place for technology in their stores," said Stevens. "They just want to make a smart decision about what that technology is, and how they [can] go about introducing it the right way." n Amazon's first cashierless store, in Seattle

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