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APR 2015

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go out for a meal or engage in some leisure activity. Besides facelifts, space configurations are being altered, as shopping centers are increasingly seen as so- cial spaces rather than just places to purchase goods. Mall owners are making more of their common ar- eas, both in scale and qual- ity. Some are also adding food-and-beverage space. Food-and-beverage, which traditionally took up 5 to 10 percent of space, is now swelling to as much as 20 percent, according to James Brown, head of European retail research for JLL, in London. "Food-and-bever- age is now becoming an an- chor in its own right, and in some instances it's really becoming a differentiator," Brown said. Leisure activities are also taking up a larger share than they once did, as mall owners strive to offer the one thing that online re- tailers cannot: experience — whether it be through movie theaters or such con- cepts as KidZania, the chil- dren's indoor theme park chain based in Mexico. Developers are adapting to other changing priori- ties as well. Environmental sustainability is becoming a key demand of investors, according to JLL. Several shopping centers now un- der construction — perhaps most notably Unibail-Ro- damco's Mall of Scandina- via, in Stockholm, and the Mall of Europe, in Brus- sels — are being designed 52 S C T / A p r i l 2 0 1 5 Weberzeile Ried ried, Austria 22,000 square meters GlA (about 237,000 square feet) I t is a testament to how quiet things are in Western Europe that one of the more signifi- cant new malls this year is in Ried, population 11,000, a town some 60 kilometers north of Salzburg. Sponsored by SES Spar European Shopping Centers, the €70 million mall is scheduled to open in August. Located in the city's historic center, Weberzeile Ried is named for Weberzeile — Weaver's Street — the tradi- tional quarter of the city's weavers. The name was a good way to combine tradition with a modern focus, according SES Spar spokes- woman Claudia Streitwieser. The name also appears to be a fair reflection of the tenant mix, which combines familiar international fashion brands and regional shops that produce contemporary takes on the traditional Sound- of-Music-style clothes that remain popular in northwest Austria. Tenants will include Euro- spar, H&M, Media Markt and Müller. Fischapark Vienna 21,600-square-meter-GlA expansion (about 232,500 square feet) SES Spar will complete its expansion of Fis- chapark, in Wiener Neustadt, this year. The reno- vation will more than double the gross leasable space to some 42,800 square meters, enough for about 100 shops, including services and gourmet food providers. Mall of Europe Brussels 112,000 square meters GlA (about 1.2 million square feet) Last April Unibail-Rodamco agreed to develop this €550 million mixed-use project expected to open in 2021. Besides Mall of Europe's 112,000 square meters of leisure, tourism, restaurants and retail, the larger development will include 3,500 square meters of offices, 590 housing units, two nurseries and a retirement home. Forum des Halles paris 15,049-square-meter-GlA expansion (about 162,000 square feet) Parisians are hoping that when the vast, new, day-lit entrance to Forum des Halles is completed later this year, owner Unibail-Rodamco will have redeemed a mall that many considered one of the low points of the city's architectural history when it was built in 1979. Executives say the addition of a grassy park on top and increased light inside can make the 64,000-square-meter space more of a destination in its own right, and not merely a convenient stop near one of the city's busiest Metro stations. Polygone Riviera Cagnes-sur-Mer, France 71,000 square meters GlA (about 764,000 square feet) Scheduled for completion later this year, Polygone Riviera is a joint effort of Unibail-Rodamco and regional developer SOCRI, a real estate group that focuses on malls and luxury hotels in southern France. The partners describe Polygone as the first center that combines shopping, leisure and contemporary art. Besides the usual retail suspects, the offerings will include a casino, a bowling alley, a multiplex and a 20-meter-high sculpture. The work of the late French artist Sacha Sosno is among 20 acquisitions planned for the center. The partners assert that the €350 million investment makes sense, given that the region has had surprisingly few malls for the 34 million visitors to the balmy Mediterranean resort region every year. Shopping Center at O2 World Berlin 38,700 square meters GlA (about 416,500 square feet) Twenty-five years after the fall of what East Ger- man officials called the Anti-Fascist Protective Rampart, the wall's physical scars are mostly healed, except in a few areas — one of which will be filled by a new shopping center in 2017. A project of the FREO Group, the "Mall by the Wall" will include retail and food-and-beverage offer- ings as well as a day-care center. Europe's biggest new schemes

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