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JUL 2014

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in Salisbury, N.C., in 1920, operates nearly 400 stores across 32 states today. Off Broad- way Shoe Warehouse began as an actual warehouse operating three days per week, in 1989. Now it is a retail chain of some 75 stores across 24 states. And if stated growth plans are any indication, neither chain is planning to go anywhere this year but forward. Both are based today in Charlotte, N.C., though Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse was started in Nashville, Tenn., and both are subsidiaries of the Essen, Germany–based De- ichmann Group, which acquired Rack Room Shoes in 1984 and Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse in 2002. The chains differ slightly in their offerings — Rack Room Shoes shoppers find exclusive, private-label brands of comfort, dress, casual and athletics shoes, while Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse sells its wares at some 25 to 60 percent off department store prices — but their core business values and market approach are much the same: to provide excep- tional shopping experiences and first-rate customer service. "Rack Room Shoes is a family footwear retailer offering value, brands and excellent customer service to families that trust us to deliver qual- ity products," said Rick Brown, executive vice president of both chains. "The Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse brand boasts over 30,000 pairs of top name-brand shoes and accessories for women and men to provide an exceptional shopping experience." In the coming year, Rack Room Shoes has plans to open 20 stores, and Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse is set to open two. Both chains are also working on remodels of existing stores. "Rack Room Shoes has great presence in the Southeast region, so we are ready to continue expanding to other parts of the United States," Brown said. "Currently, we are moving forward with a push toward the Western U.S., with planned expansions in Oregon, Arizona, Nevada and California, which will take us through 2015. For 2014 our focus [for Off Broadway] is on re- ACk ROOm ShOES AND sister store Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse have shown some staying power over the years. Rack Room Shoes, which opened its first store modeling existing stores. … Presently, we have 10 remodels planned for com- pletion this year." As it happens, the real estate market is ripe for growth, at least for these two shoe retailers. "As the economy contin- ues to improve, there will be increased competition for good real estate," Brown said. "Our internal marketing re- search team worked with our real estate team to determine the most viable mar- kets based on each core customer base and developed the overall strategy for an aggressive plan due to consumer need." To keep up with this accelerated pace, the chains have brought in new real estate executives. Scot marsh, former owner of Nashville-based real estate and lease consulting firm J. Scot marsh & As- sociates, has joined Rack Room Shoes as real estate manager. he says he will focus on expansion beyond the Southeastern U.S. "The many years I've spent in the R Stepping up rack room and off broadway shoe warehouse are in expansion mode By Misty Milioto R e t a i l i n g t o d a y 30 S C t / J u l y 2 0 1 4 30-31_SCT_JUL14_Rack Room.indd 30 6/12/14 5:52 PM

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